2017 Life Resolutions & Goals


It’s almost here! With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time once again to think about how to make next year a super amazing year. But before you start to list out your 2017 New Years Resolutions, this is a perfect time to focus on what’s important. Why? Well it can eliminate the distractions that take away from greatness.


Yes, you are important! And to allow you to be your very best you have to operate at your best. Being self aware and making healthy choices can support your path to greatness. That means eating healthy, exercise, meditating and self-nourishment. Even if you can’t fit in a work out, think about taking the stairs or parking farther away to get in more walking. If you hate veggies, learn to drink a shake with high vitamins and minerals. Even taking 10 minutes a day to meditate can help you boost your wellbeing and reduce stress. Make a plan to incorporate what’s missing in your weekly routines and make it part of your 2017 Resolutions.


Balance the work life. It’s incredibly hard to have it all but listening to others who also do it can help you better manage. Reach out and connect, as you are not alone! The most important thing about family is to be focused and present. Think about limiting the time connected to all things electronic and being present with those you love.


With many organizations limiting career training with budget restraints, it’s time to step out and find other options for learning. Read a book, take an online class or webinar, Join WICT for the many great events they offer, or seek out a mentor. Anything that helps with your journey is worth it. 


Focusing on career, family and you are important but it’s also important to have a release so that your mind gets a break from all the day-to-day pressures. Having a ‘something else’ can keep you energized. It can be a hobby, exercise, volunteering, religion, a night out with pals but let it be your thing. It allows you a sense of self-efficacy and possibly even a creativity outlet.

As you think about your 2017 Life Resolution and Goals, remember to keep everything in moderation. Having all career goals is just too much, but balancing what’s important … YOU, FAMILY, CARRER & SOMETHING ELSE will get you on your way to an amazing 2017!


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