Each September the thousands of WICT members across the nation will begin to prepare for their journey to the WICT National Leadership Conference. This conference will help enhance a strong professional network has become a necessary prerequisites for long-term professional success.The WICT Leadership Conference

This year’s program will be held at the Marriott Marquis in NYC on September 19th to the 20th. This year’s program is only two days, so to make the best of it be prepared with these 6 steps.

  1. What would you like to achieve? Obviously everyone wants to connect, but think about particular companies, similar departments within other companies, or even people affiliated with similar interests. Knowing this before you go into the conference will help guide you when meeting new people. For instance, if you meet someone from another company and want to know a counterpart of your role in that company – just ask!
  2. Research the Agenda ~ There are multiple events that overlap, so strategize the best events for your learning needs. The great thing about the WICT Leadership Conference is that it gives you many different aspects to learn and grow whether it’s bold leadership, inspiration for creativity, technical growth or even self-management tools.
  3. Research the Speakers ~ If you have the opportunity to speak with any of these speakers, you must know their background. It will enhance your engagement and seal the connection through memorable conversation. If you must meet this person, reach out through a direct message on social media and ask for a few minutes of their time. Share your enthusiasm about having the opportunity to hear them in person or genuinely compliment them after their speech. Compliments will get your attention.
  4. Get the social media ~ That’s right, get on the social media craze! Updates will include special information and social connections after the events. Twitter feeds work best with conference; make sure you include @2016WLC, @wict and @wictdc or other chapters like @wictny or @wictphilly since many of their members will be attending from just being near the event.
  5. Get your elevator speech ready! ~ Aside from having a bundle of business cards readily available, have a few sentences explanation of where you are working, your role in the company, value you provide for them and your aspirations. Be concise, brief, and most importantly be energized!
  6. Follow Up with your connections ~ As you take and give out business cards, write on a card the subjects discussed. Send a personalized follow up LinkedIn connection. If you have additional follow up questions or requests, send an email.

Be bold and fearless, that’s what will enhance your attendance to this year’s WICT Leadership Conference.   If you have a story to share with your conference, look no further than our social media feeds like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

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