Monique Kennedy HeadshotWe had the opportunity to catch up with WICT DC/Baltimore board member, Monique Kennedy. Get to know a little more about the 2015 EDS Scholarship Recipient’s career, personal motivations, and involvement with WICT DC/Baltimore. 

How did you first get involved in with the WICT DC/Baltimore chapter?

I started by attending chapter events, volunteering and later joining the board. During my time on the board, I have served as Sponsorship chair, Outreach chair, Programming chair am currently serving as Treasurer.

What made you volunteer to be a board member for WICT DC/Baltimore? 

After having the opportunity to see first-hand all that goes in as far as planning programs and seeing the impact WICT has on not only women but men in the industry. I wanted to be more involved and more of a contributor. I do not see my involvement on the board as a 2nd job it is more of a platform for me to best utilize my passion in helping and supporting others to grow in their career.

What are three career lessons that you’ve learned thus far?

“Staying humble,” “staying hungry” and “adapting to change.” It is important that you stay humble as you grow in your career and remembering where you came from. As for staying hungry, you want to make sure you are not getting comfortable but challenging yourself to grow and gain new experiences. As for adapting to change, we’re in an industry that is always developing and changing and you have to be able to adapt and grow with the business.

What do you do when you aren’t working?

I am always on the go, but I always make time to play video games with my son. Enjoying reading a good book and my ultimate favorite is going to the movies… nothing like reserve seating along with your favorite snacks to make time off enjoyable.

What TV show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

I am a huge fan of Property Brothers. I can honestly say I think I have seen just about every episode. I absolutely love those twins and just last year I attended the WICT Leadership Conference and had the pleasure of meeting them in person… oh and yes I did get a personal selfie with my guys!

Lastly, what do you wish other people knew about the WICT DC/ Baltimore chapter?

I would have to say I think it is important to know all you can about your WICT membership and all that it offers. We get so busy with our daily work and personal life we miss opportunities to network and develop new skills. Be more engaged by becoming a WICT volunteer or consider joining the chapter board. You just never know when your career path may change, so don’t delay the opportunity to strengthen your network.

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