In a June 16th webinar, Dr. Shirley Davis, President of SDS Global Enterprises, Inc., shared 12 practical strategies for getting and keeping a seat at the table.

  1. Earn it – don’t just expect to be invited
  2. Know your organization’s business
  3. Know your leaders
  4. Become an SME (Subject Matter Expert)
  5. Demonstrate strong leadership skills
  6. Get some quick wins – measure outcomes and focus on goal achievement
  7. Be a partner across the organization and set up others for success
  8. Demonstrate courage to speak up on a tough issue
  9. Think innovatively, strategically and futuristically
  10. Secure a champion/sponsor – know the difference between a mentor and a sponsor
  11. Get out of the office – get involved in activities beyond the office to build relationships with organization leaders (attend company sponsored events,  etc.)
  12. Think and act like a business owner

In order to earn that seat, you must be visionary, vocal and visible, all while adding value to your organization.

To learn more about Dr. Shirley Davis, visit her website.

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