As we all agree, issues of mentoring and networking are critical for all business professionals, regardless of organizational level. Often, individuals are uncertain about expectations around mentoring relationships. Additionally, there are frequently questions on different types of mentoring as well as how to start, maintain and modify mentoring relationships.

While having a specific, formal mentor is a clear advantage; there are other mentoring models that work in concert with such a relationship. For example, having a core network of people from which one receives and provides mentoring is an effective method; this is developmental network. There are lots of issues and nuances that are important to consider, including cross-cultural and cross gender relationships. This event will be interactive and provide structure for individuals to explore existing mentoring relationships and also provide a framework for beginning or strengthening existing network relationships. In particular, we will cover:

  • Types of mentors
  • Analyzing your network
  • Strategies to strengthen your network
  • Formal vs. Informal networks
  • Having social media ‘footprint’