Discover a full day of sessions, workshops and keynote speakers to empower corporate, small business and entrepreneurial women to speak up with the power to convey confidence and a professional presence that relate to impacting your life, your career and your personal relationships.

The day features inspired stories, strategies and tools that relate to encouraging one another to think bigger and bolder by following the journey of the meaning of Your Voice Matters from:

  • Your Inner Voice — The State of You
    Jackie Coats of Innovative Human Resources will lead the day with an interactive session to identify and empower personal insights.

    Your Voice Matters to Create Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
    Panelists include Coats; Kimberly Hulsey, Director, In-House Practice Group, MLA; Monica Lucero, Senior Manager, Future Workforce Solutions Lead, Deloitte; and Heba Mahmoud, Senior Manager of Diversity Initiatives, Consumer Technology Association along with Moderator Tiffany Moore, Senior Vice President, Political & Industry Affairs, CTA. Attendees will learn how diversity and inclusion matters are not the domain of people of color, the differently-abled, or the LGBTQ community; they must be the work and mission of all stakeholders in the business community.

    Your Voice Matters on Legislative Issues
    Kate Keating, Vice President of Duberstein Group, and Stacy Hannah, President and CEO of the MMSIA, will talk about how more women are running for office than ever before and the issues under discussion that demand women to be heard. The session will guide the conversation about how every voice matters.

    How Your Voice Matters in the Marketplace
    Elizabeth Lafontaine will share a first-time analysis by The NPD Group of the data demonstrating the spending power of women across multiple industries. Attendees will see the trends, the products, and the changes to the retail landscape.

    The Impact of Your Voice on Popular Culture
    Carletta S. Hurt, Producer and Immediate Past President of Women in Film and Video, and Catherine Hand, Producer, A Wrinkle in Time, will focus on how to speak up about personal creative ideas, empowering others to think inventively about new types of entertainment content and collaborate on imaginative projects that affect pop culture. Hurt & Hand will uncover how social media trends affect the kinds of movies and TV series that are created as well as how creative partnerships across genres move the industry forward.