The WICT Washington DC/Baltimore Chapter provides leadership programs and services including speaker series, networking events and mentor programs to the women who are shaping the future of companies in the DC metropolitan region and our industry as a whole.

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About WICT Global

For 40 years, Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) has helped develop women leaders in an industry undergoing constant change. We provide the support, programs and opportunities for women so that they may participate and lead in our constantly changing industry.

Since our founding, we’ve resolved to advance the position and influence of women through the spirit of collaboration within our organization and throughout the industry.

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2019 WICT Global Membership Fees

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$ 299 / yr


$ 195 / yr


$ 85 / yr


$ 35 / yr

Membership categories:

  • EXECUTIVE ($299) members are typically senior management professionals in director-level and higher positions.


  • REGULAR ($195) members generally hold mid-level or supervisory positions.


  • ENTRY ($85) members occupy non-salaried (hourly) positions with no supervisory or direct budgetary responsibilities and less than two years’ experience in any facet of the cable telecommunications industry.


  • STUDENT ($35) members are full-time students currently earning 6 credit hours at graduate level or 12 credit hours at undergraduate level.

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Upcoming Events:

Executive Leader Roundtable

Featuring practical and interactive conversations about navigating challenges in today’s business environment.

Tech It Out

An open discussion about the top technology trends and products that are re-shaping how we live our lives and perform our jobs.

Mentorship Program

Matching mentees and mentors based on various competencies as well as compatibility for guidance and professional development.

PowerBrokers Leadership Awards

Our prestigious awards are presented to executives who have made a positive contribution to our industry through leadership, vision & dedication.

*Note: Events are subject to change.

View full details for upcoming events on our Events Page!