Letter from the President


Powerbrokers AwardsFor those of you who were able to join us at this year’s PowerBrokers, we thank you for taking the time to  honor our Touchstones of Leadership Award Recipients.  PowerBrokers awardees are elected by our membership in connection with our Touchstones of Leadership.  The seven Touchstones of Leadership are the foundation for all of WICT’s initiatives. They serve as our compass along the path of strategic and effective leadership development.  We recognize and honor women who are leaders in our industry and embody the Touchstones:

COMMUNICATE: With passion and poise.

LISTEN: With more than just your ears.

CONNECT: To your peers, your industry, and everything around you.

BE A CATALYST: Raise standards. Promote respect.

BE FEARLESS: Take risks. Be confident in your convictions.

INSPIRE: And others will follows.


In addition, we are once again presenting the Glenn Britt Emerging Leader award in honor of the former CEO of Time Warner Cable. Glenn was a strong supporter of WICT and diversity in the workplace. This award is presented for leadership with confidence, humility and grace.

The Washington DC/Baltimore Chapter of WICT is honored to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of Mary McLaughlin, Jadz Janucik, Tina Pidgeon, Barbara York, Evelyne Steward, Jennifer Hightower, LaTanya Butler, Mary Pratt-Henaghan, and the Honorable Maureen Ohlhausen. These amazing women truly exemplify the attributes of the WICT Touchstones, epitomize great leadership, and make significant and powerful contributions to our industry and community.



A special thanks to our sponsors, who are critical to the success of our Chapter and this event. They include NCTA, Charter Communications, Discovery Communications, Comcast, Team People, Turning Point and Neustar. The support of our sponsors makes it possible for us to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments and achievements of the women honored at this year’s PowerBrokers event.


And finally, thank you to our PowerBrokers Co-Chairs Sara Timmins and Kathleen Conway, our committee members – Kathryn Falk, Rob Stoddard, Mary Shaw, Lisa Vega, Debby Cole, Monique Kennedy, Stacy Hannah, Alyssa Sanders, Jane Quilter, Lisa Clark, Susanne Forno, and volunteers who dedicated countless hours and made tireless commitments to the planning and execution of this event. We hope the event inspires you to embrace WICT’s Touchstones of Leadership, discover your own leadership potential, and help fulfill WICT’s mission of developing women leaders who transform our industry, and our world.

We look forward to developing our future WICT PowerBroker awardees and celebrating the achievements of leaders of our industry.



Monica L. Lucero

President of WICT Washington D.C./Baltimore Chapter, and

VP, Strategic Accounts, MBO Partners



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