SusanneFornoSusanne Forno is a Finance Supervisor in Courtesy Services at Comcast and has been doing an amazing job helping us expand our Social Media presence and really focused developing leadership skills. It will be great to have her join us at the Leadership Conference this year representing the chapter board and I am sure keeping our social media platforms chalked with content during the Conference!



libbtLibby Harrison is a Sr. Programming Manager at Discovery Communications for ID Channel. She has also been very involved in volunteer efforts at some of our events this year and also attended some of them. She is really looking to gain some new skills out of the conference, but mostly looking forward to sharing the insights with others and paying it forward. She also has an interest in serving as a Chapter Board member for next year as well.



AWARD: A full registration to WICT Leadership Conference in New York, NY. The winning applicants also received $800 stipend to cover any travel related expenses and incidental costs or fees associated with this event.

SELECTION:  The winners were selected based on the applicant’s ability to effectively demonstrate how they have helped the advancement of women in the workplace and their level of WICT participation at the local and national level.

Congratulations to Susanne and Libby on these well-deserved awards!

Warm wishes,

Monica Lucero, WICT DC/Baltimore Chapter President

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    • Susanne Forno

      Thank you to the WICT DC/Baltimore Chapter for your support. I am truly honored to be selected and recognized for this opportunity. I hope everyone can follow us on Facebook, as I plan to take lots of pictures and post about the experience. Thank you!

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